paulo abrolhos


     The project "Productivity, Sustainability and Utilization of the Abrolhos Bank Ecosystem" aims to investigate the functioning and maintenance of the marine ecosystem on the Abrolhos Bank to support the rational management of its living resources. The research network that makes up the project counts on a group dedicated to acquisition and analysis of images of ROV, and collected biological samples by scuba divers, besides time-series of certain environmental parameters, with the specific objective of identifying  and analysing spatio-temporal patterns, and the averages of the enviromentals conditions for this largest and most diversified coral reef in the South Atlantic. LAMP participated in Pró-Abrolhos on two research fronts, one with mesoscale collections and analyzes on board of Oc. Prof. W. Besnard ship, and other on minor vessels, carrying out the mapping of habitats and characterization of species.