Maria A. Gasalla

Professor Gasalla holds a PhD in Oceanography, a MSc in Biological Oceanography and a BSc in Biology, and became a fisheries scientist after a 10-year position at a public research body in Brazil and scientific opportunities at international institutions (e.g. Canada, Spain, Denmark, Mexico and Argentina) where she studied ecosystem and stock assessment modelling but also social sciences and economics. She is a professor at the University of São Paulo’s Oceanographic Institute (IOUSP) and head of the Fisheries Ecosystems Laboratory where interdisciplinary research and capacity building in contemporary fisheries science have been a focus. She is currently a researcher of the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq) developing and testing innovative approaches to integrate different fisheries issues in the context of complex marine social-ecological systems. She has also been serving as a member of scientific international committes related to the oceans, fisheries and global climate change (IMBER, FAO), and currently of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEA-USP).

Doctoral Students

Amanda Ricci Rodrigues

She is studying fisheries economics since 2012. Her doctoral research aims to evaluate the economic performance of major fishing fleets operating in the South Brazil shelf. Amanda is originally a biologist (Mackenzie University) with a MSc degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture (Fisheries Institute, São Paulo). She is currently a PhD candidate in IO-USP where she also collaborates in other research projects. She has large experience in studies related to fisheries and marine resources.

Carolina Costa de Araújo

Her research focus is the drivers identification of cephalopods paralarval occurrence in the South Brazil Bight marine ecosystem. She has a BSc degree in Biological Sciences, and MSc in Biological Oceanography from the Oceanographic Institute (USP). She is a PhD candidate in Oceanography at USP, aiming a dual program with UMASS. She has experience in Biological Oceanography, with emphasis on early-life stages of squid.

Ivan Machado Martins

His research project aims to evaluate both vulnerability and perceptions of small-scale fishers on climate change, as part of the GULLS consortium in Brazil (Belmont Forum/FAPESP). Ivan has a technical degree in Metereology (Universidade do Vale do Paraiba, 2003), BSc in Biological Sciences (Universidade do Vale do Paraíba, 2008) and MSc in Ecology (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, 2012). He is currently doctoral candidate of the Graduate Course on Oceanographu of the University of São Paulo. He plans to visit the University of Cape Town in South Africa, to expand his academic experience.

Marília Previero

She is studying reef fishery biology and fisheries, particularly snappers (Lutjanidae) and groupers (Epinephelidae) of the Abrolhos bank (Spatial mapping; Local Ecological Knowledge; Assessments and Value-chains). She has experience with sampling of commercial fish, biological surveys and with coastal fishers. She has a MSc degree in Aquatic Ecology from Maringá State University, and a BSc in  Biological Sciences also from Maringá State University.

Master's Students

Debora Cristina Ferrari Ramalho


She is currently a Master degree student investigating social agents in the interface Climate Change-Fisheries. She has a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences (UNESP/Rio Claro, 2016) and previous experience in environmental education research on the topic "Marine environments and their meanings for non-coastal populations".


Post-Doctoral Researchers

Felippe Aldert Postuma

He is a postdoctoral technical fellow (CNPq/DTI-A) in the project “Strategic analysis to ecosystem-based fisheries management in the South Brazil shelf Large Marine Ecosystem”, organizing comercial fisheries fieldwork surveys, and analysis of major pelagic fishery stocks. He has a PhD in Oceanography (University of São Paulo), with a study which revealed a large repertoire of behavior and body patterns in squid’s early and adult life stages, reproduction and feeding in Northern São Paulo.  He graduated on Marine Biology (Universidade Santa Cecilia, 2004), when he was a trainee of the Instituto de Pesca, in Santos, starting his studies on squid fishery biology. During 2004 and 2007, he was a fishery onboard observer in international fleets off Brazil (longlines, crabs fisheries, deep trawling shrimp fisheries) and Brazilian commercial fisheries (pair-bottom trawlers, and Octopus pots).

Undergraduate Students


Name Degree Supervised Thesis Title Current Position
Lol Iana Dahlet BSc. Oceanography Comparative study of skipjackt tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) fisheries from Brazil, South Africa (Atlantic Ocean) and Western Indian Ocean Master candidate in Sustainable Fisheries Management, University of Alicante (Spain)
Leandro Fernandes Patrício BSc. Oceanography Potential risk assessment to overfishing of major comercial fisheries target-stocks in the South Brazil Bight Master candidate - University of São Paulo, IOUSP.
Ruth Beatriz Mezzalira Pincinato MSc. Ecological and economic analysis of marine fisheries through multispecies indicators (FAPESP) PhD candidate University of Stavanger (Norway), and visiting student at University of California, Davis (US)
Marta Collier Ferreira Leite MSc. Local ecological knowledge of Ubatuba fishers, northern coast of São Paulo, as part of ecosystem-based fisheries management (CNPq) PhD candidate University of Manitoba, (Canada)
Felippe Aldert Postuma PhD Population biology and behavioral aspects of the squid Doryteuthis plei (Blainville, 1823) in the northern coast of São Paulo, with emphasis on reproduction and feeding (CNPq) researcher CNPq-DTI at LabPesq
Caroline Ykuta MSc Value chain of marine artesanal fisheries: an investigation at the coastal zone of São Paulo (CNPq).
Vanessa Tais Cruz Mercado MSc. Environmental analysis of squid fishing (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in the region of São Sebastião, State of São Paulo
Melissa Marcon MSc. Spatio-temporal patterns of marine turtles Dermochelys coriacea and Caretta caretta by pelagic longline fisheries off the South Brazil region (CAPES) Marine Turtles Project, Angra dos Reis, Researcher
Carolina Costa Araújo MSc. Fisheries oceanography of early-life stage of Loliginidae (Cephalopoda: Myopsida): paralarva across the continental shelf between Cabo de São Tomé (RJ) and Cananéia (SP) (22-29S) PhD candidate IO-USP
Diogo Destro Barcellos MSc. Statoliths of the squid Doryteuthis plei and their microstructures for age and growth studies in the coast of São Paulo, Brasil (CNPq) PhD candidate IO-USP
Aurelia Gabellini BSc. Spatio-temporal patterns of cephalopod paralarva Padrões espaço around São Sebastião Island (CNPq) Graduate student in Denmark
Karen Yuri Tanaka BSc. Evaluation of statolith microstructure of the squid Lolliguncula brevis (Blainville, 1823) as a tool for age determination (CNPq)
Camila Yoko Cintho BSc. Ocurrence, abundance and horizontal distribution of cephalopod paralarva in the Ubatuba region, northern coast of São Paulo (CNPq)
Priscila Saviolo Moreira BSc. Socioeconomic characterization of cerco flutuante” fisheries at the northern coast of São Paulo Director. Laje de Santos Marine Park (FF/SP)
Gustavo Prouvot Ortiz BSc. Private actors in the solution of global problems: an study focused on the Marine Stewardship Council Researcher at INPE
Carolina Rodrigues da Silva BSc. Ecology Caracterization of artesanal fisheries at Ponta do Almada, northern coast of São Paulo, with an emphasis on ethnoecology of small cetaceans (CNPq).


Name Degree Project Year
Marina Ribeiro
Lol Iana Dahlet Comparative study of skipjackt tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) fisheries from Brazil, South Africa (Atlantic Ocean) and Western Indian Ocean 2016
Leandro Fernandes Patrício Internship Potential risk assessment to overfishing of major comercial fisheries target-stocks in the South Brazil Bight 2016
Alina Pellegrinelli ITI CNPq Socioeconomic indicators of comercial fleet of the South Brazil LME 2015
Diego Gonzales Exchange student (Peru) Squids in plankton samples off Sao Sebastião Island 2014
Viviane Miranda Bispo Steimbach ITI CNPq Socioeconomic indicators of comercial fleet of Itajai (SC) 2013
Camila Cintho Science Scholarship CNPq Distribution patterns of squid paralarva around São Sebastião Island 2011
Karen Tanaka Science scholarship CNPq Growth curve estimate of early life-stages of the squid Doryteuthis plei 2011
Rafaela Prado Cardoso PRCEU-USP scholarship Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast: phase II Santos Region 2011
Priscila Saviolo Moreira Science scholarship CNPq Multidimensional characterization of “cerco flutuante” fisheries at the northern coast of São Paulo. 2011
Tiago Ucella PRCEU-USP scholarship Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast: comparative analysis. 2010
Rafael T. Inoe Coelho PRCEU-USP scholarship Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast: perceptions and conflicts 2008
Mariana Zamuner PRCEU-USP scholarship Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast 2008
Carolina Rodrigues Science scholarship CNPq Fisheries characterization of artesanal fisheries of Ponta do Almada, Ubatuba. 2007
Fabricio Gandini CNPq DTI Socioeconomic indicators of Santos commercial fleet. 2013
Tito Conte Internship Data-poor stocks methodologies 2012
Antônio Marcos da Silva PRCEU-USP scholarship (Geography) Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast: phase II Santos region
Bruno Fenucci PRCEU-USP scholarship (FFLCH) Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast. 2008
Juliana Peters PRCEU-USP scholarship Voices from the fisheries in São Paulo coast: respondents’ socioeconomic profile 2008
André Ribeiro Lopes da Silva Internship Oceanographic variables as factors that influence fisheries systems 2008
Stephanie Stephanichen Ferronato Internship Artisanal fisheries of Paraná state and peneid shrimp fisheries. 2007

Former Postdocs

Name Funding Theme Current Position
Carolina Minte-Vera CNPq Modelling data-poor stocks IATTC/International Atlantic Tuna Comission, La Jolla, San Diego, Estados Unidos/ Senior Researcher
Rodrigo Martins FAPESP Squid larval transport modelling (IBM/ROMS) UNIFESP, Baixada Santista/ docente