16th National Science and Technology Week
24 October 2019.
360o Stage, Parque da Cidade Exhibition Hall, Brasilia
The conference "Blue economy and the sustainable development goals" was presented by Prof. Gasalla, invited by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

UN Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week
19-23 August 2019.
Salvador Hall, Salvador (Bahia)
Participant from Academia.

Coffee with Science
21 August 2019.
Instituto Oceanográfico, São Paulo.
Lecture on “Economic aspects of seabob-shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri) fisheries: comparison among two fishing communities of Guarujá" (A. Pellegrinelli)

Workshop “Action Plan for RD&I to value chains (SAA-SP)”
3rd September 2019.
Instituto de Pesca (São Paulo)
Workshop invited participant.

28º USP’s International Symposium of Scientific Initiation
20-22 de agosto de 2019.
Instituto Oceanográfico, São Paulo.
Poster presentation Economic aspects of seabob-shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri) fisheries: comparison among two fishing communities of Guarujá (Pellegrinelli & Gasalla)

Parlimentary Front on Fisheries and Aquaculture of São Paulo
08 August 2019.
São Paulo State Legislative Assembly, ALESP.
Representing IOUSP at the plenary session.

XXXI National Week of Oceanography
02 August 2019.
Fortaleza, Ceará.
Participants and presenters of “Perception of coastal community from Ponta do Corumbau (Bahia) on local ocean and climate changes” (Ribeiro & Gasalla)

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
22 a 30 July 2019.
Macaé (Rio de Janeiro)
Academic meeting and graduate committee.

FLIP2019 – International Literary Party of Paraty
11 July 2019.
Paraty (Rio de Janeiro).
Event organization, debate, and launch of the education book Mulheres da Pesca: Faces Femininas na Economia Azul (Women from fisheries: feminine faces in the blue economy)

XVII Biennial IASC Conference ‘In Defense of the Commons: Challenges, Innovation, and Action’
01-05 July 2019.
Pontifícia Universidad Católica del Peru, Lima, Peru.
Presentation of the study from Ramalho & Gasalla.

Workshop “Ecosystem-based management of estuaries and coasts to support coastal adaptation”.
25-28 July 2019.
Quality Hotet Aeroport Vitória, Vitória (Espirito Santo)
Participant and presenter of Risk assessment of small-scale reef fisheries off the Abrolhos Bank: snappers and groupers under a multidimensional evaluation (Previero & Gasalla).

I World Forum of Climate Justice
19-21 June 2019
Glasgow Caledonian University
Participant and presenter (M.A. Gasalla)

Event: Women from fisheries: feminine faces in the blue economy
07 June 2019.
Instituto Oceanográfico (USP), São Paulo.
World’s Ocean Day event’s organization and Project launch.

Event: Future of Marine-Dependent Societies: Climate Change and Fishing Communities
31st May 2019.
Instituto de Estudos Avançados, Universidade de São Paulo
Organization and presentation of the live streaming panel discussion with international invitees (India and South Africa)

Workshop of GULLS project – climate change and vulnerabilities
22-31 May 2019.
Instituto de Estudos Avançados, Universidade de São Paulo
Organization of the international working group meeting.

Workshop of Project OCEANIDES/GULLS - education
8-13 May 2019.
Instituto Oceanográfico, University of São Paulo
Organization of the international working group meeting.

Sciences and Humanities Sixty Years Later
07 May 2019.
Instituto de Estudos Avançados da Universidade de São Paulo

Conferências Breves (Walter Benjamin’s Brief Conferences)
30 April 2019.
Maria Antonia Cultural Center (CEUMA-PRCEU), São Paulo.
Invited speaker. Talk on climate change, oceans, and coastal marine-dependent communities (M.A. Gasalla).

IPBES Workshop on Scenarios and Models
22-27 March 2019.
University of British Columbia, Canada.
Invited participant.

Research seminar on food, water and energy
18 March 2019
Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo.
Invited participant.

11 June 2019.
São Paulo Fish Market, São Paulo.
Field visit with students of the Sustainable Fisheries course.

FAPESP Program on Global Climate Change
20-21 February 2019
FAPESP, São Paulo.
Participation as a member and poster presenter: Aprendizado global para soluções locais: reduzindo a vulnerabilidade das comunidades costeiras dependentes do mar.

Seminar: Present state and challenges of fishery management in Brazil
31 January 2019.
EBI, Belém (Pará).
Invited speaker (M.A. Gasalla), and panel discussion member.

XXIII Brazilian Meeting of Icthyology
27-31 January 2019.
Belém, Pará
Participants, with oral presentation by Patrício & Gasalla (“Avaliação do risco potencial à sobrepesca dos principais estoques-alvo da pesca comercial na costa Sudeste-Sul do Brasil”) and Ready et al.



5ª Sessão Ordinária do Comitê Permanente de Gestão, Recursos Pelágicos SE/S.
21-22 November 2018.
Pavilhão de Metas, DPOP/SEAP-PR. Brasilia, DF.
Participation as a member, and presenter of Project: “Strategic analysis to ecosystem-based fisheries management in the South Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (CNPq/SEAP)”

CIAC 2018– Cephalopods International Advisory Council Conference
12-19 November 2018
St Peterburg, Florida, U.S
Oral presentation of the study from Araújo and Gasalla, on cephalopods of the SE coast of Brazil

3ª Sessão Ordinária do Subcomitê Científico de Recursos Pelágicos Sudeste-Sul
8-9 November 2018.
Pavilhão de Metas, DPOP/SEAP-PR. Brasilia, DF.
Participation as a member of SCC, Secretaria de Aquicultura e Pesca/Presidência da República.

Visit to fishing communities of Cananeia and Mandira
5 -7 November 2018.
Cananéia, SP.
Field-work with students of IOB-1118 and technicians.

4th CLIOTOP Symposium. Oceanic biodiversity under climate change: shifts in natural and human systems.
15-19 October 2018.
National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan.
Member of SCC, Chair of the session “Adaptative approaches to biodiversity and resource management”. Moderator of discussion panel. Oral presentantation of the study from Gasalla and Rodrigues, and poster from Dahlet et al.

Defence of Marilia Previero doctoral thesis
21 August 2018.
Oceanographic Institute, IOUSP, São Paulo, Brazil.
Thesis defense: The snapper and grouper fisheries of the Abrolhos Bank, East Brazil shelf: fleet patterns, exploitation status and risk assessment.

Future of Marine-Dependent Communities: Advanced Science on Climate Change and Oceans
6 August 2018.
Instituto de Estudos Avançados, University of Sao Paulo
Event’s coordination and moderation of discussion panel with international speakers from University of British Columbia (Canada) and IPSL (France).

Workshop “Climate Change and Fisheries”
3-4 August 2018.
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas.
Member of Scientific Comitee and Organization Comitee. Oral presentation: Climate change effects on Brazilian fisheries –
why an integrated approach matters.

Belém All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum
22-24 July 2018.
Salvador, BA
Brazilian scientific representantive

IIFET 2018 Seattle Conference. Adapting to a changing world: challenges and opportunities.
16-20 July 2018
University of Seattle, United States
Oral presentation of the study from Gasalla and Rodrigues, poster presentation from Rodrigues et al. Yamamoto Prize of Best Paper on Responsible Fisheries. (see on News)

University of Guyane, Doctoral School "Diversity and Development in Amazon".
July 13th 2018.
Thesis committee (Long-term changes of the structure and diversity of fish communities of the continental shelf of French Guiana)

University of Washington visit
11-16 July 2018
UW, Seattle, United States
Meetings with scientists (FAPESP)

4th International ICES-PICES-FAO Symposium “The Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans”
4-8 June 2018
Washington D.C., U.S
Participation in workshop organized by FAO, and presentation of study from GULLS project/Belmont Forum.

Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods Conference
28 -30 May 2018.
StMary’s University, Halifax, Canada
Oral presentation

Defence of Amanda R. Rodrigues doctoral thesis
07 May 2018.
Oceanografic Institute, IOUSP, São Paulo, Brazil
Thesis defense:Economic performance of commercial fishing fleets off the South Brazil Shelf from Angra dos Reis (23°S) to Rio Grande (32°S) .

2nd Session of the Scientific Committee for Pelagic Resources of South/Southeast Brazil
13-14 March 2018.
Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture – OEI, Brasilia.
Member of SSC, indicated by Aquaculture and Fisheries Secretary (Brazilian Minister of Industry, External Commerce and Services, and Ministry of Environment).



The Age of Sustainable Development (Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University)
27 November 2017.
FAPESP, São Paulo, Brazil
Participation on the talk about the transformations needed to sustainable development goals (SDG), and the role of universities.

II Workshop of Aquatic Biodiversity - Universidade Estadual Paulista
3th October 2017.
UNESP, São Vicente (SP), Brazil
Plenary speaker on the closing cerimony. Title of the lecture: "Climate change impacts on marine fisheries and fisheries resources Brazil".

IMBIZO 5: Marine biosphere research for a sustainable ocean: Linking ecosystems, future states and resource management. 
2-5 October 2017.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Oral and poster presentation: "Factors of social vulnerability to climate change among small-scale fishing communities from the South Brazil Bight".

International Council for the Explotation of the Sea (ICES) Science Conference
21-22 September 2017.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States.
Oral presentation on research results on small-scale fisheries from the Abrolhos Bank, in Bahia, Brazil.

UNSM Environmental Sciences Conferences 2017.
30 August 2017.
Instituto de Investigación e Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dr. Gasalla's speech title:"Ecosystem approach to marine fisheries management".

Aula Magna, Graduate Program on Fisheries and Aquaculture
11 July 2017.
Instituto de Pesca, São Paulo, SP.
Dr. Gasalla's gave principal lecture: “Ecosystem approaches to fisheries and aquaculture: broadening interdisciplinary perspectives to achieve comprehensive socioenvironmental objectives"

II Seminar on Ecological Corridors and Landscape Connectivity
26th June 2017. 
Institute of Advanced Studies - USP
Participation of scientific event promoted by the Secretary of Biodiversity and Forests, Brazilian Ministery of the Environment.

UN Oceans Conference, Our Oceans, Our Future
3-9 June 2017.
UN (United Nations Organization), New York headquarters
Member of Brazilian delegation in UN.

Annual meeting of FAPESP Program on Global Climate Change
9-20 June 2017.
FAPESP, São Paulo.
Oral presentation: Aprendizado global para soluções locais: Reduzindo a vulnerabilidade das comunidades costeiras dependentes do mar. (FAPESP/BELMONT FORUM).

Seminar at Rhodes University (South Africa)
July 19th 2017
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.
Oral presentation: Vulnerability to and perception of climate change among small-scale fishers from the South Brazil Bight.

Interchange with University of Cape Town (South Africa)
May to September 2017.
University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Sandwich doctorate (CAPES/GULLS Project)

University of Guyane, Doctoral School "Diversity and Development in Amazon".
April 15th 2017.
Thesis committee (Long-term changes of the structure and diversity of fish communities of the continental shelf of French Guiana).

Workshop: Climate Change and the Oceans.
21-23 March 2017.
IOUSP, São Paulo.
Educational workshop with lecturers from University of California (Berkeley and Santa Cruz). A GULLS project activity: “Aprendizado global para soluções locais: Reduzindo a vulnerabilidade das comunidades costeiras dependentes do mar. (FAPESP/BELMONT FORUM).”

Mini-symposium: "Chalenges of Fisheries Sciences".
3rd Febuary 2017.
Centro de Convenções Campus UFSB, Porto Seguro, Bahia.
Activity: Panelist and speaker.

XXII Brazilian Ictiological Meeting.
30 January - 3rd Febuary 2017.
Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia
Activity: Participants.


Actions of the Ribeira de Iguape and Litoral Sul Hydrographic Basin Committee, The Disaster Risk Management.
25 November 2016.
Ilha Comprida, São Paulo.
Activity: Participants.

Interchange with CSIRO (Australia)
October 2016.
Campus Santa Lucia, Brisbane
Modelling fishery stocks under climate change (GULLS project)

International Conference National Institute for Climate Change.

28-30 September 2016.
Activity: Participants.

IMBER Summer School ClimEco5: Towards more resilient oceans.
10 a 17 de agosto de 2016.
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.
Activity: Participants.

Global Conference on Climate Change Adaptation in Fisheries and Aquaculture
8-10 August 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
-Invited speaker: “Effects of climate change on the world’s oceans: footprints to adaptation in fisheries production and security”.
- Oral presentation of studies in Brazil
- Commitee member.

XIX Iberian Symposium on Marine Biology Studies
5-9 September 2016
Porto, Portugal
Activity: Oral presentation “Seasonal patterns of cephalopod paralarvae distribution in relation to oceanographic features off South Brazil Bight (SBB)”, at the Theme Session: Oceanography, Modelling and Ecosystem Dynamics Scholarship

Workshop: Melhores recomendações científicas de manejo para pesca de tainha (Mugil liza) estoque sul.
27 a 29 de julho de 2016
Brasília, Brasil
Activity: Participants invited by Oceana.

18th International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade Conference (IIFET)
11-15 July 2016
Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Scotland, UK.
Activity: Oral presentation “A cost-benefit analysis of industrial fishing fleets in Rio Grande, South Brazil”.

GLORIA Madagascar Workshop (Global Learning Oportunities for Regional Indian Ocean Adaptation). ESPA Program.
14-16 June 2016
Antananarivo, Republic of Madagascar
Activity: - International team member.
- Engagement with local communities.

7th World Fisheries Congress – Challenge to Sustainable Fisheries and Safe Seafoods
23-27 May 2016
BEXCO, Busan, Korea
Activity: Oral presentation of 3 studies.

Workshop: Science role in Fisheries Management.
18-20 April 2016.
Brasilia, Brasil
Activity: Speaker on the research plan: Pelagic Resources South Brazil (MCTI/MPA/CNPq), invited by Oceana.

Monaco Blue Initiative 2016: Sustainable aquaculture at the heart of the blue economy.
3-4 de abril 2016
Palácio dos Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brazil
Activity: Invited participant

Reunião Anual do Programa de Mudanças Climáticas Globais da FAPESP.
18-19 February 2016.
FAPESP, São Paulo.
Activity: Presentation of the study: Aprendizado global para soluções locais: Reduzindo a vulnerabilidade das comunidades costeiras dependentes do mar. (FAPESP/BELMONT FORUM).


3rd CLIOTOP Symposium: Climate impacts on oceanic top predators.
14 -18 September 2015.
San Sebastián, Spain.
Activity: -Session Chair: Early life history of pelagic species - winners and losers in the future ocean.
-Oral presentation of study in Brazil.
- Scientific Committee member.

International workshop of the Belmont Forum GULLS Project - 2nd meeting.
16-20 March 2015
Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: General coordination.

Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans Symposium (ICES/PICES/IOC).
23-27 March 2015.
Santos, São Paulo, Brasil.
Atividades: 2 oral presentations (Project “Global Understanding for Global Solutions: Reducing the vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communities”).

Workshop CEDMar-USP: “O Mar e a Ciência: a cultura científica dos oceanos e as questões de interesse para o Estado brasileiro. Inovação, ciência e tecnologia”.
23-24 April 2015.
Instituto de Relações Internacionais (IRI) da USP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: - Invited speaker “Recursos Pesqueiros Marinhos e Desafios de Governança”.
- Panel discussion coordinator.

Workshop: Supporting transformational research on the environment. Trans-Atlantic Platform. June 2015. University of Otawa, Canada. Activity: Speaker invited by FAPESP. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).


UBC Peter Wall International Research Roundtable: Seafood in an Uncertain Future: From Scenarios to Policies.
9-12 December 2014
Vancouver, Canadá
Activity: Participant invited by Project Nereus.

Ecopath 30 Years Conference: Modelling dynamic ecosystems: beyond boundaries with EwE.
10-12 November 2014.
Barcelona, Spain
Activity: Oral presentation “Ecosystem model of the Santos Basin Marine Ecosystem”.

2nd World Small Scale Fisheries Congress. Options & Opportunities for Small-scale Fisheries.
21-26 September 2014
Merida, México.
Activity: Session Chair: Brazilian Studies.
Oral presentation of 3 studies.
Organizing committee member.

CLIOTOP IMBER (Climate Impacts on Oceanic Top Predators) Scientific Steering Committee Meeting.
June 2014
Bergen, Norway
Activity: Steering Committee member.

Belmont Forum GULLS Project - First Meeting.
April 2014
Grahamstown, África do Sul.
Activity: Invited speaker: Ocean processes, fisheries, and coastal communities affected by climate change - Team Brazil.

FISHBANKS Workshop, simulador de manejo pesqueiro.
12 September 2014
UNIFESP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Invited participants.

Future Oceans Dialogues - Kiel Marine Sciences”
IOUSP, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Activity: Invited speaker: Sustainable Fisheries.

Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) - Open Science Conference. Future Oceans: Research for marine sustainability: multiple stressors, drivers, challenges and solutions.
June 2014
Bergen, Noruega
Activity:: Oral presentation “How costly is presently to fish in the South Brazil Large Marine Ecosystem?”

International Coleoid Symposium & 9th International Symposium Cephalopods ‒ Present and Past ISCPP 9.
Zurich, Switzerland
Activity: Oral presentation “All life-stages of the tropical arrow squid around the São Sebastião Island, SE Brazil”.

VIII Reunião de Avaliação do Programa BIOTA/FAPESP
7-2 December 2014.
Estâncias de São Pedro, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Presentation “The squid (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) como recurso da pesca no litoral Norte do Estado de São Paulo: dinâmica populacional, oceanografia pesqueir e a dimensão humana associada.”


2nd CLIOTOP Symposium: Climate Impacts on Oceanic Top Predators. Certainty of change in pelagic systems " detection, attribution, and prediction.
11 a 15 February 2013
Noumea, New Caledonia.
Activity: Panel participant “Pelagic conservation-fisheries management conflicts " maximising dual objectives”, invited speaker

IMBER-CLIOTOP Steering Commitee Meeting (Climate Impacts on Oceanic Top Predators). Steering Commitee Meeting CLIOTOP Program.
9-10 February 2013
Noumea, New Caledonia.
Activity: Steering Commitee member.

Conferences - BIOTA-FAPESP EDUCATION: o compromisso com o aperfeiçoamento do ensino da ciência da biodiversidade no Brasil. Ambientes Marinhos e Costeiros.
FAPESP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Invited lecture: “A fauna marinha da costa brasileira: diversidade, ameaças, e uso sustentável.”

FAO-OSPESCA -Workshop Fishers Knowledge and the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries.
Activity: Invited speakers “A method for assessing FEK/LEK as a practical tool for Ecosystem-based fisheries management: Seeking consensus in southeastern Brazil”.

Workshop Regional - GEF DINARA FAO | GCP/URU/030/GFF: Intercambio de experiencias en la obtención y uso de información para el manejo pesquero con enfoque en ecosistemas.
27 - 28 August 2013
San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay.
Activity: Presentation of the study “A method for assessing FEK/LEK as a practical tool for Ecosystem-based fisheries management: Seeking consensus in southeastern Brazil”

Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) - Latin America and the Caribbean Joint workshop with Working Group 4. Enhancing stewardship in small-scale fisheries through ecosystem approaches and other means.
6 - 9 August 2013
Curitiba, PR, Brasil.
Activity:: - Co-coordination Latin-America and Caribbean.
Invited talk “What an ecosystem approach to small-scale fisheries really means?”

UTokyo Forum 2013 - Ship & Ocean Technology and Marine Fisheries Workshop.
11-12 November 2013
Universidade de São Paulo, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Invited lecture: “Sustainable Marine Fisheries”

VIII Semana Temática de Oceanografia.
26 -30 August 2013.
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Panel coordinator: “Manejo da pesca oceânica no Brasil: expansão ou sustentabilidade?”

XV Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencias de Mar (Colacmar).
27 -31 October 2013
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Activity: Oral presentatino “Too Big to Ignore: Global Partnership on Small-Scale Fisheries Research - the Latin America and Caribbean Network.”

XX Encontro Brasileiro de Ictiologia.
27 January- 01 February 2013
Maringá, Paraná, Brasil.
Activity: Invited talk at the Workshop “Pesca Marinha: Brasil no Contexto Mundial”
Invited talk at the workshio on “traditional and scientific knowledge integration”.

"Too Big to Ignore" Project Inaugural Meeting.
4 a 6 de setembro de 2012
Local: St. John’s, Canadá
Atividades: Membro do comite cientifico do projeto internacional. Apresentacao da palestra “Small scale fisheries issues of Latin America and Caribbean.”

6th World Fisheries Congress.
8 a 11 May 2012
Endinburgh, Escócia.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “An overview of climate change impacts in the South Brazil Bight.”

CIAC 2012 Brazil Cephalopod International Advisory Council Symposium.
27 de outubro a 02 de novembro de 2012
Florianópolis, SC, Brasil.
Activity: Apresentação de 7 trabalhos cientificos sobre a lula Doryteuthis plei.
Membro dos comites cientifico e organizador.

Simpósio EBFM Tuna - 2012: Towards ecossystem-based management of tuna fisheries.
15 a 18 de outubro de 2012.
Montpellier, France.
Activity: Apresentação oral do estudo “Fisheries Patterns of Turtle Bycatch in Tuna Fisheries off Southern Brazil: Towards EBFM of Pelagic Fisheries in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean” (por Melissa Marcon).

16th International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade Conference (IIFET)
16 a 20 de julho de 2012.
Dar es Salam, Tanzania
Activity: Apresentação oral dos estudos “Do all answers lie within (the community): fishing rights and marine conservation”.

III Workshop India-Brazil-South Africa Alliance for Oceans. Effects of global change on living resources, biodiversity, fisheries and management.
Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, Rio de Janeiro.
Activity: Participante da Oficina

IMBER-CLIOTOP (Climate impacts on Oceanic Top Predators) Scientific Steering Commitee Meeting.
September 2012
CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
Activity: Membro do comite cientifico


4th International Symposium COLEOID CEPHALOPODS through time.
6 a 9 de setembro de 2011.
Stuttgart, Alemanha
Activity: Apresentação oral do estudo “First occurrence of Doryteuthis plei (Blainville, 1823) egg capsules off São Sebastião, Southeastern Brazil, and characteristics of embryos and newly-hatched paralarvae.

7ª Reunião de Avaliação do Programa BIOTA-FAPESP.
4 e 5 de julho de 2011
Universidade de São Paulo, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Squid as fishery resources of the northern coast of São Paulo: fisheries oceanography, population dynamics and the human dimension”.

2nd Meeting IndiSeas II.TG Biodiversity and Conservation Indicators; TG3 Human Dimension Indicators.
15 a 18 de novembro de 2011.
Unesco, Paris.
Activity: Participante

Reunião da Red Iberoamericana de Investigación Pesquera.
28 de novembro de 2011
Curitiba, Brazil
Activity: Dinâmicas de grupo para consolidação do ramo brasileiro da rede iberoamericana de pesquisa pesqueira.


Building an International Research Network for Collaborative Coastal Management. Gestão costeira colaborativa: oportunidades para uma rede de pesquisa internacional (Canada/Brasil)
5 a 7 de dezembro de 2010.
Paraty, Brazil
Activity: Oficina

Community-based coastal resource management and food security in coastal Brazil.
8 e 9 de dezembro de 2010.
Paraty, RJ, Brasil.
Activity: Oficina

15th International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade Conference (IIFET) - Economics of fish resources and aquatic ecosystems: balancing uses, balancing costs.
13 a 16 de julho de 2010
Montpellier, França.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Seafood market-series as fishing pressure indicators for an EAF: a historical multispecies analysis of the São Paulo wholesale market, SE Brazil”.

PESCA ARTESANAL 2010 - III Seminario Pesca Artesanal e Sustentabilidade Socioambiental: áreas protegidas e mudanças climáticas.
31 de agosto a 3 de setembro de 2010
Fundacao Joaquim Nabuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil.
Activity: Palestrante convidado: “PESCA ARTESANAL E MUDANÇAS CLIMÁTICAS”.

International Symposium - PICES ICES FAO - Climate change effects on fish and fisheries: forecasting impacts, assessing ecosystem responses, and evaluating management strategies.
26 a 29 de abril de 2010
Sendai, Japão.
Activity: Apresentação dos estudos “Ocean proxies for seafood market variability in the South Brazil Bight” e “An application of the ethno-oceanographic framework in the South Brazil Bight.”

Reducing global and national vulnerability to climate change in the fisheries sectors: Policy perspectives post Copenhagen. FAO-WorldFish Center-PaCFA Workshop.
abril de 2010
Sendai, Japao.
Activity: Participação do Workshop

V Semana Temática de Oceanografia.
23 a 27 de agosto de 2010.
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Palestra: Modelagem e Ciência Pesqueira: Avanços e Desafios.

Workshop on Marine Biodiversity: current advances on bioprospecting, biogeography and phylogeography.
9 e 10 de setembro de 2010.
FAPESP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Participação do Workshop.

XXII Semana Nacional de Oceanografia: Sustentabilidade e Preservação da Biodiversidade.
19 a 25 de setembro de 2010
Itanhaém, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Participação da Mesa-redonda OCEANOS: PRESERVAÇÃO X EXPLORAÇÃO. A importância da pesca.


3rd GLOBEC Open Science Meeting.
22 a 26 de junho de 2009
Victoria, BC, Canadá
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Six decades of change in the South Brazil Bight fishery ecosystem”.

Cephalopod International Advisory Council Meeting CIAC'09.
3 a 11 de setembro de 2009
Vigo, Spain.
Activity: Apresentação de dois trabalhos:
- Trophic role of Loligo plei based on feeding habits of specimens caught by inshore hand-jigs and shelf trawl fisheries in the South Brazil Bight.
- Participants in workshops: “Recent advances in age, growth and production estimations in cephalopods” and “Trophic role of cephalopods in marine ecosystems.

GLOBEC Workshop "Socio-economic dynamics and ecosystems, governance implications.
June 2009
Victoria, Canada
Activity: Participant

GLOBEC Workshop "Worldwide fluctuations of sardine and anchovy".
June de 2009
Victoria, Canada
Activity: Oficina

Reunião Anual do Instituto de Pesca.
11 a 13 de agosto de 2009
São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “A pesca artesanal da lula Loligo plei na Ilha de São Sebastião”.


Simpósio de Iniciação Científica do IOUSP.
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP, São Paulo, Brasil.
Activity: Apresentação do Projeto Primeiros Contatos: vozes da pesca no litoral paulista.

10th IOC-UNEP-IUCN-NOAA Consultative Meeting on Large Marine Ecosystems. 2008
UNESCO Headquarters
Activity: Participation in the Consultative Meeting (invited).

5th World Fisheries Congress.
Yokohama, Japan
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Ecosystem Model for the South Brazil Large Marine Ecosystem: Trophic Flows in the Shelf, Slope and Oceanic Areas between 100 and 1000 m isobaths”.

July 2008
FAO, Rome, Italy
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “People’s Seas: ethno-oceanography as a means to approach ecosystem change”.

I Encontro para a Criação do Núcleo de Pesquisa em Aqüicultura e Pesca da região Sudeste (CEFET/MEC/SEAP).
14 e 15 de agosto de 2008
Unidade de Pesquisa e Extensão Agro-Ambiental (UPEA) do CEFET Campos.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “A pesca no município de Ubatuba (SP), conflitos, necessidades e a abordagem com pescadores locais” (apresentado por Ruth Pincinato).

II Encontro do Núcleo de Pesquisa Aplicada a Pesca e Aqüicultura Familiar - Região Sudeste II, CEFET (MEC)
Caraguatatuba, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Contribuição a Caracterização da atividade pesqueira em Ubatuba (SP) a partir da abordagem com pescadores locais”.

III Semana Temática de Oceanografia.
25 a 29 de agosto de 2008
IOUSP, São Paulo, Brasil
Activity: Palestra “A criação de Áreas de Proteção Ambiental marinhas no Estado de São Paulo”.

Reunião do Subcomitê Científico do Comitê Gestor da Pesca da Sardinha-verdadeira.
IBAMA, Sao Paulo.
Activity: Participante

World Council of Fisheries Societies Meeting. American Fisheries Society International Award.
Sendai, Japan.
Activity: Invited..

X Encontro Maringaense de Biologia - XXIII Semana da Biologia.
14 a 19 de setembro de 2008
Maringá, Brazil
Activity: Palestra convidada: Pesca, conservação e a abordagem ecossistêmica.

Workshop INCOFISH Ecosystem Modelling Workpackage Meeting.
February 2008.
East China University, Shangai, China
Activity: Participante.


II Semana Temática de Oceanografia.
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP, SP, Brasil.
Activity: Mediação da Mesa-redonda: Novos Rumos, Novos Riscos: Pesca de Profundidade.

INCOFISH Mid-term Meeting
La Paz, México
Activity: Participante no grupo de trabalho Ecosystem Modelling

I Seminário Nacional de Monitoramento e Estatística da Atividade Pesqueira.
23 a 25 de agosto de 2007
Brasília, DF, Brasil.
Activity: Participante

ECOSPACE Workshop - Dr. Villy Christensen.
La Paz
Activity: Presentation: Exploring ECOSPACE potential use in the South Brazil Bight using oceanographic features.

I Workshop Brasileiro sobre Modelagem de Ecossistemas aplicada à Pesca.
5 a 7 de março de 2007
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP.
Activity: Apresentação do trabalho: Modelagem de sistemas pesqueiros no SE/S do Brasil: ampliando a conceitualização do ecossistema rumo à aplicação para o manejo.

Primeiro Workshop do Projeto Pró-Abrolhos.
Alphaville, Brasil
Activity: Participante

Second Global Conference on Large Marine Ecosystems - NOAA - YSFRI.
Qingdao, China
Activity: Participação e apresentação de trabalho.

UNESCO/IOC Capacity Development Programme Latin America: Bid writing workshop.
Cananeia, Brasil.
Activity: Participante

15th International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology.
4 a 7 de outubro de 2007
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Beyond historical records: how industrial fishermen perceive changes in marine ecosystems and help to detect alterations in the South Brazil Bight”. Session Chair.


ECOSIM Workshop with Dr. Villy Christensen.
18 a 22 de abril de 2006
Cape Town, Africa do Sul
Activity: Uso do software Ecosim para testar estratégias de manejo da pesca.

I Forum de Pescadores Sul Americanos para Reduzir Captura Incidental de Aves Marinhas. Forum de Pescadores Sul Americanos.
Guaruja, Brasil
Activity: Participantes.

III Simpósio Brasileiro de Oceanografia.
Instituto Oceanográfico da USP, Brasil
Activity: Apresentação do estudo “Papel trófico das lulas Loligo plei e Loligo sanpaulensis no ecossistema costeiro do Sudeste do Brasil”.

INCOFISH-Ecosystem Modelling. Second Meeting
Abril de 2006
Cape Town, South Africa
Activity:: Workpackage 4. Ecosystem Modelling in South Brazil.

Reunião técnica do Comitê Científico do Grupo Gestor da pesca da sardinha-verdadeira. Pesca da sardinha-verdadeira.
Data: 2006
Itajai, Brasil
Activity: Participantes

INCOFISH First Meeting - Ecosystem Modelling and Marine Protected Areas.
Fevereiro de 2006
London, UK
Activity: Ecosystem Modelling of the South Brazil Bight.


I Congresso Brasileiro de Oceanografia.
10 a 15 de outubro de 2004
Itajaí, SC, Brasil.
Activity: Participantes

Workshop INCOFISH Project Start-up Meeting IFM-Geomar.
4 a 7 de outubro de 2005
Kiel, Germany
Activity: Participant

Working Groups

Pelagic resources - Brazil

Scientific commitee of pelagic resources from South/Southeast Brazil (MAPA, Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and MMA, Brazilian Ministry of the Environment)



FAO-NACA Fish-Adapt

Scientific commitee of the Global conference on climate change adaptation for fisheries and aquaculture.


fao   fishadapt   naca



Research cluster on Marine Biodiversity of the University of São Paulo


np biomar


Climate change impacts on oceanic top predators.
Integrated Marine Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Research. Prof. Gasalla is a member of the program’s scientific steering commiteee.



Too Big to Ignore: Global partnership for small-scale fisheries research


GULLS Consortium (Belmont Forum)
International research group that study climate change in coastal and marine areas of the Southern Hemisphere (Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, India, Australia).

gulls  belmont forum    


Consortium GLORIA (ESPA Program)
International research group that study climate change and participatory processes in Madagascar. Prof. Gasalla is principal investigator (PI) from Brazil.

gloria  espa  


FAPESP Global Climate Change Program 
Project GULLS is part of the FAPESP institutional program.

mc fapesp





Defence of Amanda R. Rodrigues doctoral thesis